Thursday, 5 May 2011

Champagne bowl (protea & Casablanca arrangement)

The Perfect centerpiece to compliment the perfect venue. The tables where simple yet so elegant. The centerpieces where made up of silver champagne bowles, with an arrangment of Casablanca lilies, proteas, ruscus and bear grass. There where 4 pillar candles placed around the centerpiece and the setting was finished of with silver plate liners and a silver table number holder. The chairs decor complimented the setting perfectly with a protea and silver raphia tied behind each Chair.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Frangipanies and Twigs

This was a center Piece I did at a recent wedding. very simple and effective for that beach themed wedding you planning. we used a round fish bowl with willow sticks twirled inside and placed a string of frangipanies on florist wire between the willow sticks. At the bottom of the vase we used white pebbles. The vase was placed on a mound of stands and finished of with 4 pillar candles.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Centerpiece (submurged flowers)

This centerpieces is very labour intensive but the hard work is worth the reward. the table cloth used was taffeta table cloth and we paired it up with black stretch chair covers .  The centerpieces where made up of 4 cylander vases at different heights all placed onto a round mirror. In the tallest case we submurged Casablanca lilies under water, in the second tallest vase we submurged roses underwater, in the third tallest vase we submurged arum lilies under water, in the shortest vase we submurged tulips underwater. The flowers where held down with suction pins. We then added a few clear crystal pebbles to each vase which sank to the base to cover the base of the stems. We then placed floating candles at the top of each cylander vase. The Table setting was finished of with silver plateliners and silver serviette rings.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Centerpiece (red roses)

If red is your colour scheme, then this centerpiece is for you, it is soft, elegant and so romantic. the centerpiece base is a round mirror in the center of the table. we used a stemed vase which we filled with gel balls. You can buy gel balls in small packets and when you place them in water they swell and enlarge, the more water you add the more they swell, enabeling you to determine what size gel balls you want. The flower arrangment is made up of red roses, ruscus and soft fern. We then added 4 small votives with floating candles which we placed on the mirror around the flower centerpiece. The candle lighting shining onto the gel balls gives a stunning effect. To finish of we placed a few red rose petals onto the mirror. The tables where finished of with silver plate liners and red chair ties around the chairs.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Wedding Centerpiece (candle labra and arum lily arrangements)

This particular set up was all about lighting, and is an excellent example of how important lighting is to set the mood for your wedding. The ceiling was decorated with strip draping and fairylights. The tables where set with a beige tone runner and finished of with silver plate liners. There was a mirror placed in the middle of the table on which we placed the silver candle labra. Around the candle labra we placed 4 square 10cm x 10cm mirror boxes which we filled with oasis and then placed 3 arums at different heights in each mirror box, and finished it of with white crysanthumums at the base of the arums. we then placed 4 candles on the mirror, 1 between each of the mirrorboxes. The main table was dressed with tulle and fairylights and along the front we placed rose petals and a row on candles to carry on the theme of the lighting. We also massed candles on the fireplace behind the main table, and as the photos show for themselves lighting makes all the difference.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Centerpiece (Beach and white orchards)

This Centerpiece is great and very easy to do on your own as the flowers are so simple yet so effective. The base of the table was set with beautiful ivory demask table cloth, and we used a sandy gold chair tie around the chairs. The centerpiece is made up of 3 different height cylander vases, all with beach sand filled about 10cm in the bottom of the vases. In the tallest there is green bamboo placed into the sand in the vase, in the medium and shortest vases are white orchards placed in sand (very real looking artificial orchards can also be used as with the dim lighting you can not tell the difference). We then used 3 small votives place between the vases with tealight candles for lighting. The table numbers where placed in a shell like frame which complemented the table beautifully. The table was then finished of with gold plate liners, brown place mats and a starfish detail on the napkin.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Centerpiece (Vintage Ivory and Dusty Pink)

This wedding centerpiece absolutly stunning. The tables are very full and interesting, which gives a warmth too the venue. We used an absolutly stunning Ivory demask table cloth as the base to this setting, and matched them up with an ivory stretch chair cover. For the Centerpieces we used a round mirror in the middle of the table which we used to place the different element on. We used 3 arrangments of flowers on the tables, firstly there was a hanging flower ball from one of the arms of the silver candlelabra, secondly there was a small glass vase with an arrangement of flowers and thirdly there was a silver rose bowl with an arrangement of flowers. The flowers used where roses and lisianthus.There where then 2 silver and glass cut candle holders placed on the mirror which give of a beautiful soft light. The tables where then finished of with silverplate liners and silver napkin rings.